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For Ryan
Fourteen- The Past Has A Way.../The Wallet (Part 2)
          Jay had the whole house to himself for a few hours. Just him, himself, and the baby, who was moving around a lot. Ava went to the movies with her parents and sister.  She had asked Jay if he wanted to join them, but he politely declined.  Jay said he needed to relax his achy feet and back.  After they all left, he figured that spending time in the shower was the best solution.  
          Jay undressed and then sat himself on the granite seat in the shower.  Hot water streamed out of the shower-head onto his feet, gradually relieving the swelling. Slowly inhaling and exhaling the steam as he relaxed his head against the wall of the shower.  Jay laid his hands onto his big belly and felt the baby move around for a while.  
          Jay hasn't seen much of his best friend lately and he missed him.  Its been two w
:icon9018masterchic:9018Masterchic 6 13
One Night Abduction
Kun Tsao didn’t remember being abducted. He didn’t even remember the weird dream he had afterwards. That’s why he didn’t think too much of the potbelly he developed in the ensuing months.
His twin brother, Shun, did think plenty of it. He made sure to say so every chance he got.
“You’re getting fat, Kun,” Shun said, plopping down at the breakfast table where Kun was staring daggers at his breakfast.
“I’m not,” Kun growled, poking his fork at his bacon. “And meat juice got all over my eggs.”
Shun rolled his eyes and stuffed a forkful of meat-juice eggs into his mouth. “Just eat it, it’s not going to kill you.”
“I tell mom I’m vegetarian every other week, and she still passive aggressively makes me breakfast.”
“Have you ever thought she might just be nice?”
Kun wrinkled his nose at his plate, then leaned back. “Oh God. I feel sick, oh crap.
:iconmavism102:mavism102 2 0
My name is Jack and yeah, I’m a hermaphrodite. But if you call me they, or it, or a fucking he/she, I swear I will kick your ass so hard you’ll gag on your own shit.
Fact of the matter is my physiology has been a pain in the ass since puberty. There’s nothing quite like a man buying two boxes of tampons for making a cashier giddy. “These for your girlfriend?” he’d say, touching them as little as possible; or maybe she’d say “Your girlfriend sure is lucky to have you.” And if I have a girlfriend, I’d smile weakly and give a noncommittal shrug; and when I don’t, I usually fail to repress my sour expression. Girlfriends and boyfriends alike have bailed on our relationship once they found out that I’m a freak, but the few who stuck around give me hope. This past year, it’s been Matt, who’s dangerously close to achieving “love of my life”. He’s already hit the “soulmate” rung, i
:iconmavism102:mavism102 10 0
Three Months
“No,” I say, almost a moan. Saying it didn’t change the little pink plus, but I try some more anyways. “No, no, no, no…”
I’ve been sick as a dog for weeks, throwing up every morning, immediately getting hungry again and then throwing up some more. That was my first clue — missing my period three times was the second. Panicked, I had bought the pregnancy test and paced around the house chugging lemonade and thinking about waterfalls until I was able to pee.
And now this. I lean down and put my head between my knees, trying to take even breaths. I’m going to have to tell Matt. I’m going to have to call my mom — no, Claire, I should calls Claire first — and Matt’s parents? Oh God, oh shit, no, I can’t tell them. I can’t tell anyone, I can’t tell anyone anything, not Claire, not Mom, not Matt… 
My head feels like it’s spinning. What if he leaves me? What if he can’t
:iconmavism102:mavism102 10 0
Four Months
I still haven’t told anyone, but my pants aren’t fitting that well anymore. I’ve switched to wearing sweatpants as often as I can get away with; evenings, weekends, casual Fridays at the office. However, sweatpants don’t really go over so well the rest of the week at work, so I’ve taken to leaving my regular pants unbuttoned but belted taut against the little bump on my stomach.
Luckily, no one’s noticed yet. The same can’t be said about my morning sickness, which still hasn’t abated in the slightest.
Josh, the HR rep, calls a meeting about being sick at work. It was very obviously directed at me, but I’m too busy throwing up to catch the beginning of it. When I finally stagger out of the bathroom, the entire office is sitting uncomfortably together in the conference room while Josh writes something on the whiteboard in there. I hurry in as surreptitiously as I can.
“So, when else should we call in sick for work?” Josh i
:iconmavism102:mavism102 7 0
Five Months
Matt's tapping his fingers anxiously on the kitchen table. I’m pacing back and forth the length of the kitchen behind him, Rocky trailing nervously behind me. My sister Claire is coming by today, and we’re going to tell her the news, in the hopes that she’ll be able to help watch the baby after it’s born. I’ve had more than a few talks with Josh, and even if I managed to get the sixteen vacation days, and even if I’m able to stack a medical leave on top of a family leave, the maximum amount of time I can get of after the baby is one and a half months, with another month beforehand. If I can keep working through the ninth month of pregnancy, I might be able to use that month and extend my leave to two and a half months — but that’s a stretch. And Matt isn’t going to get any time off at all.
So we’ll need Claire, who works two days a week and still lives with our parents (so she can save up for college — that is, if
:iconmavism102:mavism102 7 0
Six Months
It’s the end of the second trimester and I really can’t hide it anymore. I’ve avoided three different dinners with my parents because I don’t want them to see me; even though Claire and I haven’t been talking, I know her well enough to be sure that at least she hasn’t told our parents. 
I can now only wear the clothes that Sarah gave me, so we’ve been doing laundry so frequently Matt is running out of things to fill the load with. Last time we ran the window curtains with my pregnancy pants.
As I walk past Gloria, the receptionist, she says “psst” and waves me over to the reception desk. I reluctantly oblige.
The work situation has been steadily deteriorating. While the morning sickness has finally passed and I’m no longer throwing up everyday, I now have this massive bulge in my stomach that refuses to go unnoticed. Most of the other employees don’t know what’s going on, but a few of the keener ones ha
:iconmavism102:mavism102 7 0
Seven Months
“Yes, yes, I’m pregnant, yes, that’s possible,” I say, again. Immediately, all my coworkers packed in this conference room start talking at once.
While Gloria is capable of keeping a secret, Josh has a fat fucking mouth, and apparently he’s spent the last few months dropping hints he knows what’s going on; so finally, the rest of the employees have cornered me in this extremely uncomfortable conference meeting wherein all that’s discussed is my anatomy and my condition.
Julia, from accounting, was the one to call the meeting; when she saw me this morning, seven months pregnant and swollen as hell, she asked Josh what was going on.
And his brilliant response was: “Oh, nothing. I mean, obviously something, but, uh — I don’t think I should tell you, if he wants to keep it a secret, that’s his right.” And then he excused himself to the bathroom.
Thanks to that enigmatic blunder, Julia was convinced I had some ki
:iconmavism102:mavism102 9 0
Eight Months Part 1
I groan when we pull into the nature reserve. “Just shoot me now.”
Annie, Matt’s friend, shakes her head. “You need to be out of the house once in a while. It’s good for the baby to get fresh air, and it’s good for you to keep walking around, even if you’re eight months pregnant.”
“I’ll be lucky if I can get out of this fucking car,” I complain petulantly.
So, why is Annie, Matt’s friend (not mine, mind you), taking me out to this nature reserve in the middle of nowhere for “fresh air”? That’s an excellent question! That’s a question any sane and normal person would assume there’s absolutely no rational answer to.
Unfortunately, neither Annie nor Matt are sane and normal, apparently. Matt complained to Annie that I was becoming a homebody, because I was staying home more than usual. Now, there are two reasons for that: 1) I don’t want people gawping at me everywhere I go,
:iconmavism102:mavism102 9 0
Eight Months Part 2
The worst thing about pregnancy has to be the discomfort. I have to pee basically every forty-five minutes, I’m constantly hungry, my back and my legs always hurt, and Winnie is the squirmiest fucking kid on the planet.
None of that even begins to compare to lunch with my parents.
I remember once, when I was eighteen, my mom inexplicably deciding that she wanted some one-on-one time with me and taking me to a gourmet restaurant called Inquiry. It served a bunch of food with unpronounceable names, and the staff talked to each other in French. The meals themselves were the epitome of fancy: people were eating food on fire, food still half-alive, food with faces and hooves still attached. Unfortunately, ordering was confusing, and neither of us ended up with food we liked very much — I had some kind of slimy seafood, and my mom apparently had never heard of escargot before then. We picked at our food, lied to each other saying it was delicious, then sank into an awkward
:iconmavism102:mavism102 5 2
Nine Months... And Then Some
Matt is working late tonight, and I want to slap him upside the head. I’m two weeks overdue, and fit to fucking burst. I could practically sneeze and go into labor at this point.
Finally, however, I’ve started getting those Braxton Hicks contractions, which hopefully means labor’s not too far from now. I still haven’t decided whether that thought fills me with excitement or terror.
I’m sitting on the couch, absently watching TV, grimacing now and then from a fake contraction, when the doorbell rings. I groan as I stand carefully up. “Matt, you fuckface, where’s your key?” I yell, as I begin the ordeal of walking over to the door. “I basically have the body mass of a small whale right now,” I open the door, continuing my rant. “It’s not fucking easy to — “ I break off, seeing who’s actually at the door.
It’s Claire. She looks like dog shit. Her eyes are red, her hair is frizzy, her clothes lo
:iconmavism102:mavism102 9 2
Hello Again
Hey everyone. Its me again. I know two journals in one month... Weird... But I am trying to be more active... That's the best I can do. I mean I can't promise anything, but I can say that I am trying and that's all that matters.
Clearly I'm not dead. LOL. But I did some thinking. Recently I got an email from Deviant Art wishing me a happy anniversary. I joined Deviant Art on December 19, 2009... I started my account all because of a girl whom I started a story with. I have been here for eight damn years... God its been an amazing 8 years... And look at all of you... All 367 of you who have been following me... Some accounts may be deactivated or just left behind, but 367 people following me over the period of eight years... Sometimes I wonder if I even deserve it... I've gotten pretty negligent of you guys lately... And I am so sorry for that...
God way to end the year Brandy... Be mopey around your watchers... Not smart... Anyway... Before I get worse I want to thank all 367 of you fo
:iconelviratepes:ElviraTepes 1 13
Mr. Higgs and Merida: Wenty-onet
Merida thought she was living in a dream. Higgs had come to save her, he had even used Scottish terms to tell off that sodding piece of shit Patrick, then she saw him burn him to a crisp? No, that didn’t sound right… Or was it? Merida opened her eyes and moaned, feeling like she was held down by a bag of potatoes.
“Merida?” she heard a familiar voice say.
“Mr. Higgs?” she whispered.
A small laugh filled her ears as she felt a smooth hand touch her face.
“It’s me… I finally found you.”
“Aye, ye did lad…Edgar did what he was told then…”
“He’s a good kid.”
“I promised he could stay with us. I hope ye willnae mind…” she drawled.
Higgs chuckled. “He seems handy and I’m sure you’ll find something for him to do… I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner. I’m sorry that I… I thought for a moment that you left me.”
“I was afeart
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 1 2
Mature content
In the Name of the Father :iconisaac-lastname:isaac-lastname 17 1
The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Six
“May I talk to you about something?”
Carla didn’t look up from Mrs. Gerard’s mouth. “Of course, love. Could you tilt her head back a little?”
Frieda moved the unconscious woman’s head further back on the table, widening her already gaping maw.
“Lovely. I think I can get it now,” Dr. Wilkins muttered, sticking the pliers closer to her back teeth.
“I’ve been thinking some things over…” Frieda said.
“Wonderful,” Carla said vaguely. She clamped the metal on the rotted tooth.
“I haven’t talked to Zeke about this yet, so don’t say anything to him.”
“I wouldn’t dare...”
Frieda could tell Carla wasn’t really paying attention, but she decided to continue.
“I’m going to quit my job.”
“Aha!” Carla yanked the tooth free from the woman’s jaw, holding it aloft. Frieda could almost smell it across the table. It was slightly green
:iconporter-bailey:Porter-Bailey 11 4
Pack-Leader-Sally's MPreg Meme by Pack-Leader-Sally Pack-Leader-Sally's MPreg Meme :iconpack-leader-sally:Pack-Leader-Sally 58 82
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Cliff Walk at Pourville by Claude Monet. Says everything about summer.

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After months of playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my Nintendo Switch, I FINALLY completed it on 1/8/2017!!! The hardest game I've ever played, but it was also so much fun!


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Born in Glasgow, Scotland.
Lived in Leeds, England since 2006.
Love to draw, shop, watch telly and read... especially anything to do with Mpreg!


Happy New Year everyone!!! May it be a good one for you xoxo
Happy Christmas Everyone!!! Have a great day! 🎅🏻🎄☃️🎁
Happy Guy Fawkes Night!!! Enjoy the fireworks
Happy Halloween Ghosts and Ghouls!!! Have a spooooook-tastic day!!! 🎃😱👻👽🤡🍫🍬🍭
I'm very sad to say that my Papa has died from cancer on Sat 12th Aug... My family and I are devastated... :( (Sad) 

Hey guys,

It’s been a wee while, so I’ll catch y’all real quick;

  • Been getting out more, even if it’s just to pop down to the shops for a couple of things
  • Got my bedroom redecorated, lovin’ it! Much more grown-up
  • My eldest brother and his family were down for Christmas, went back to Sundown for the kids to see Santa. Had a great, but hectic Christmas. Got some nice stuff
This year has been a right roller-coaster for me, there have been great times and also sad times. :) (Smile) :( (Sad) 

:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  2017 was kicked off on a high with the engagement of my brother and his wonderful GF, they got a fab new house, in a nice area and celebrated my nephew’s very 1st birthday. For me, it’s been my holiday to Malaga in Spain, family trip to Sundown Adventureland, redecorating my bedroom, seeing Steps (my fave band from my childhood) in concert, making new friends through LuigiFanatic87’s pals; GothicGAL86Forever & ElviraTepes, being a better Auntie to my nieces & nephew and getting hooked to 13 Reasons Why (can’t wait for Season 2!). :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!  But the biggest (and worst) thing to happen not just this year, ever… My Papa passed away in Aug and has devastated me and my family. He’ll never be forgotten but we just have learn how to live without him here. Also my depression and anxiety, mixed with grief hit an all-time low, though I’m much better now thanks to the support of my family, and tablets (!). Also though this has nothing to do with me, the Manchester Attack back in May, still feel for the families and victims from that horrible tragedy… Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 

I’m hoping 2018 will be a much better year for me, more highs instead of lows. Normally, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions but I’ve decided to make one… Just one. Something simple and easy to achieve…

:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) TO BE HAPPY:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 

Well that’s it from me, see in the New Year!

Ta-ra!!! Here's a kiss for you, my love!XOXO 

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